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Transaction Monitoring


ComplyRadar helps businesses perform transaction monitoring in order to adhere to AML requirements by automatically identifying suspicious activity in real-time or on a scheduled basis, while reducing the risk of false positives. Monitoring of individuals, accounts and entities occurs through a fully audited process and alerts you about flagged transactions.





ComplyRadar enables you to:
• Reduce human error and reliance on reports
• Monitor transactions in real-time
• Facilitate the manual processes for compliance staff
• Reduce the number of tools needed for the compliance team to carry out their day-to-day tasks
• Detect suspicious AML/TF related activity – reduce false positives
• Escalate and communicate cases between team members or cross-department
• Easily adapt to ongoing regulatory changes
• Facilitate auditing through the maintaining of an electronic audit trail of investigations
• Address transaction monitoring requirements as specified by AML/TF regulations.
• Streamline internal processes and communication across the compliance team.
• Automate transaction monitoring processes, minimising manual workload and elements of human error.
• Ensure that “configured monitoring rules” are automatically enforced on all transactions giving a 360° view to the compliance team.
• Help maintain a healthy balance between stringent regulation and customer experience


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