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Enhanced Due Diligence

Obtain a 360° AML & Risk Assessment of your clients, associates or suppliers


Global Due Diligence investigations provide an in-depth analysis of an individual/company. This enhanced investigation contains international KYC information as well as business relationships of the entity, legal cases, credit reports, travel document authentication, general media and also performs KYC on secondary subjects (entities related to the subject under investigation).


Summary of Enhanced Due Diligence Investigations:

  • KYC screening (as per our KYC Reports)
  • KYC screening on related entities of the primary subject (up to 20 entities)
  • Business information on the primary subject
  • Credit Report (applies to companies only)
  • Legal cases relating to the primary subject and its related entities (where available)
  • General media (up to 10 articles)
  • Passport/ ID Authentication

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