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LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG

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Fortify your compliance activities using our leading filtering software


This solution is one of the most sophisticated software for batch screening/batch monitoring of any entity with respect to AML/ FT issues.  It is specifically designed to help organisations automatically screen and monitor their clientele, comply with global regulations and reduce fraud risks more efficiently and cost-effectively – all through a single platform.


  • Access the most comprehensive collection of risk profiles
  • Scalable to handle high-volume batch processing
  • Intuitive product interface & automated workflow, archiving and reporting
  • Quick set-up and system integration (API connection)
  • Cloud and on-premises option
  • Multiple users
  • 100% global coverage screenings of publicly available sanctions, PEP and enforcement lists
  • Reduce false positives and minimise manual reviews


Our software allows you to protect your reputation while accelerating account openings and transactions. It is a cutting-edge tool which helps you to instantly identify suspected fraudsters and screen against robust screening data from KYC Online Screening.


Batch Screening & Monitoring can either be run on LexisNexis servers hence reducing the need for product installation and maintenance or it can be installed onto your own infrastructure.

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