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Client Verification

Maintaining an up-to-date and accurate database is a key factor in preventing the loss of business profits, which can damage your ROI. Furthermore, verifying your customers radically improves your payment collection processes.


Commercial information is a vital tool to a company’s success and viability. Our service can help your company save money by ensuring that informed decisions are made by ensuring your access to such crucial data.


Benefits of the service:

  • Mitigate risk when issuing an invoice on an entity that does not exist or which has been dissolved
  • Protect your company against negative perceptions in the case of duplicates and incorrect listings of your partner’s information in your system
  • Avoid entering into legal procedures with a company that might not in fact exist
  • Build your own customer database for future reference


Our Client Verification service allows you to examine your entire business partner database in order to verify a company’s:

  • Registered name and number
  • Registration date
  • Legal status (Registered/Dissolved/Under liquidation)


The service also investigates whether the subject in question has been listed in our CreditNet with regard to the following:

  • Overdue Invoices
  • Court Orders
  • Bounced/Returned cheques
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