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LexisNexis WorldCompliance Data

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Your one – stop solution for sanctions, PEPs and negative news
Our KYC online screening service is powered by LexisNexis and consists of the largest database worldwide regarding AML/FT information for individuals and companies that may pose a risk to your organisation’s reputation.
LexisNexis WorldCompliance Data enables organisations to efficiently screen batch of large customer databases in real time. This flexible solution allows you to either host the intelligence database offline within your own network or access the built-in data through the LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG platform. The customisable, segment-based structure allows you to tailor the database to your unique risk strategy by choosing from more than 50 risk categories and sub-categories.
The database holds comprehensive profile data across the following segments:
Sanctions & Enforcement: Aggregates information from the most important sanction lists worldwide (OFAC, EU, UN, BOE, FBI, BIS, etc.) and from over 1,000 global enforcement lists and court filings e.g. FDA, US HHS, UK FSA, SEC • Politically Exposed Persons: Includes profiles of PEPs and their family members
• State-Owned Enterprises: A proprietary list of government-owned and government-linked corporations
Adverse Media: An extensive proprietary database of profiles that have been linked to illicit activities from over 30,000 news sources worldwide
Access more than 2.3 million detailed profiles on a worldwide basis
WorldCompliance monitors over 9,000 government agencies, enforcement agency and sanctioning body websites for updates to time sensitive changes to the risk landscape.
Identify over 1.3 million Politically Exposed Persons, their family members and associates.
Increase visibility into global adverse media profiles from over 35,000 leading worldwide sources.
• Increase compliance workflow efficiency
Personally Identifiable Information: Access date of birth, birth place, passport IDs, national IDs etc. • Aliases: e.g. Nick names, common names, weak aliases, strong aliases and names represented in native script.
Relationships: Examine relationships between organisations, individuals, companies, and vessels.
Open Source Substantiation: Includes source links and references to the underlying source of the information.
Expedite risk assessment and streamline customer acquisition.
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