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KYC Investigations

KYC investigations provide organizations with the knowledge to ensure that you maintain a competent level of compliance in line with global Anti-Money Laundering legislation. Our reports enable you to find out whether your clients or partners have ever been involved in any suspicious activity, such as money laundering, fraudulent behaviour and other similar financial crimes. 
Infocredit Group KYC reports are available on an ad hoc basis and provide companies with the opportunity to wisely manage their risk, by verifying the identity of their clients. 
Our data sources include screening of any entity against:
Global Sanction Lists – Real-time monitoring of all major Sanction lists. Locate all information profiles on individuals and companies who are categorized as high risk
Global Enforcement Lists – Monitoring over 950 financial enforcement agencies, individual and company warnings, narcotic traffickers, money launderers, human traffickers and fugitives
Global PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) Lists – Identification of Politically Exposed Persons, their family members and associates
Global Adverse Media - Information from over 35,000 news sources
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