Training Services

Your indispensable Risk Management & Compliance Learning Tools to ensure compliance to the relevant legislation.

Learning Management System (LMS)
The LMS is an administrative tool available online or offline, focused on the organisation of training modules and the management of all the learning materials related to Compliance. By using LMS, many of the tedious administration, follow-up and reporting tasks can be automated and your time can be managed more effectively.

Companies of all sizes can enjoy the separate benefits of LMS including full administration and automation.

  • •  Easy setup and operation
  • •  Fully automated enrolments and follow ups
  • •  Existence of an audit trail
  • •  Customised reporting, emails and training materials
  • •  Automatic "Nagware" (alerts for training completions)
  • •  Progress reviews
  • •  Integration with any HR system
  • •  System for feedback

Risk Management System (RMS)
Your straightforward management tool for data consolidation and the assessment of risk.

The RMS provides compliance officers with an overview of the risk profile of the company as well as the current level of adherence to applicable rules and regulations. Companies around the world can employ a collective attitude towards risk as well as a common risk management framework at all levels of the company, thereby safeguarding their company in the course of the attainment of their strategies objectives.

Use of the RMS also ensures more efficient allocation and use of resources for mitigation of risk as well as a coordinated procedure for monitoring controls and tracking processes susceptible to risk.

  • •  Stand-alone web solution
  • •  Up-to-date and compliant with all applicable rules and regulations
  • •  Unique risk dashboards
  • •  RMS "Nagware"
  • •  Allows for the creation of quality reports
  • •  Offers legal integration with the Learning Management System
  • •  Requires little technical support from IT staff

Policy Tracker
The Policy Tracker is a tool for managing the entire process of learning and compliance, including the deployment, follow up and reporting on staff acknowledgement of compliance with and understanding of policies or other important notifications concerning the company. The generation of reports for internal purposes can be customised to agree to the individual profile of your company.

  • •  Record of recognition of compliance education with accreditation requirements
  • •  Record of incidents and violations
  • •  Creation of a risk management system through education