Media Monitoring

ICG News Filtering Platform
The ICG News Filtering Platform is an innovative, web-based media-monitoring tool which operates as a screening device which offers companies a continuous flow of filtered, relevant and up-to-date news with the aim of creating customised news channels. These channels can be accessed either via a public or closed-group website or through the daily newsletter delivered to users directly by email. This can then easily be shared internally with colleagues or with customers and business associates.

The scanning and filtering process is based on the websites and keywords that the company pre-selects. Companies using our application gain valuable time since surfing the web for relevant information is no longer necessary. The availability of real-time updates also increases work efficiency, helps in decision-making and improves employee inclusion. Additionally, the online application can be used as a market research instrument, since information may be retrieved on company stakeholders as well as on market movements of competitors and key business developments.

  • •  Save valuable time
  • •  Daily customised Newsletter
  • •  Unlimited media sources (local & international)
  • •  Valuable market research tool
  • •  Use your own sources & keywords
  • •  Continuous monitoring of targeted news