Commercial Information & Risk Management Solutions

Bounced Cheque Service (UAE)
Bounced Cheques and all the related bank documentation are submitted to the UAE Police Authorities on your behalf, thereby flagging the cheque signatory in all state databases.

Also, the enforcement of a Travel Ban or an Arrest Warrant for the signatory guarantees the swift payment of any unsettled debts. This service is offered on a "No Recovery No Fee" basis for members.

Full Commercial Reports (UAE & International)
Our reports provide a full profile of a company including financial data (if applicable) as well as a detailed credit assessment.

This will enable you to estimate the creditworthiness of potential clients/ suppliers and set a suitable credit limit based on the report content.

Commercial Trade References & Debt Reports (UAE & International)
Database users have access to the system which enables them to view the payment history of companies listed in the database as well as trade references from parties providing credit facilities.

These reports therefore allow users to assess the likelihood of bad debts.

Default Debtors Database (CreditNet)
Subscription to our database allows users to verify whether a company registered in the UAE has a history of credit default.

Our platform is updated daily with all collection cases handled by us. It is an effective tool for assessing companies prior to entering into credit arrangements or for monitoring existing clients.